Dear Scientists,


Between November 30 and December 2, 2017, I. INTERNATIONAL  CREATION CONGRESS  ON THE LIGTH OF SCIENCES “will be held on Şanlıurfa, Tawheed city “. We are pleased to invite you.


In this congress, the fact of Creation will be handled in all directions, different sessions will be held in the congress, and the issue of Evolution will be analyzed.


Congress will be held in partnership with Üsküdar University with the participation of Şanlıurfa Governorate and Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality when Harran University is hosted.


Many scientists from home and abroad will be invited and the experts will come together.


Prof.Dr. Mehmet ZELKA                              Prof.Dr. Hasan AKAN (Dean)

Üsküdar University, Rector vice          Harran University, Art &Science Faculty

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