Abstract Submission

The abstract submission period has expired.


1-  Only oral presentations will be accepted

2- Abstracts should be written in English

3- The presentations are preferably in Turkish, Arabic or English.

4- The duration of the presentation will be 20 minutes, 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion.

5- Abstracts should be prepared according to the rules below and sent to one of the addresses: yaratiliskongresi@gmail.com, yaratiliskongresi@yandex.com 

6- The maximum number of words in the abstracts should be 300 and the page size must be A4. Microsoft Word program, it should be prepared by using 12 point Times New Roman font and single line spacing, leaving 2 cm space from right, left, bottom and top.The entire text should be written on the left and right, not indentations on the left at the beginning of the paragraph. One line space must be left between paragraphs. Keywords; Must be written according to the order of the alphabet and should be no more than 5 words. The first line should be written in capital letters and the second line should be clearly written without the title of the authors’ names and surnames. All initials and surnames of author names must be capitalized. The name of the author to whom the notice is given must be underlined. Under the names of the authors, the institutions and addresses of the authors should be typed in Times New Roman font 10 point and numbered in the top corner of the address author’s surname. The writer is responsible for the content and the content of the abstract.Click for sample abstract.

7-  Since all correspondence regarding notifications will be made by e-mail, please be sure to specify an e-mail address and phone number that you use all the time.

8- During submission of the paper, it should be indicated which of the subheadings mentioned below belong to the study.

  •  Evaluation of the truth of creation in the light of the Quran
  • The fact of creation in the light of positive sciences
  • Questioning the evolutionist view
  • Creation goals and wisdom, recognizing and understanding the God
  • Evaluation of curriculum textbooks in terms of the fact of creation
  • An overview of the truths of Creation in the press, media and documentaries
  • 9- The abstract submission has been extended until 12 November 2017. The paper evaluation results will be sent to the e-mail address sent by 15 November 2017.

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